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How to buy

Payment conditions
It is possible to use transfer payment. 


Account number:






Notice the invoice number as variable symbol. Payment by credit cards and paypal is also avaliable.



Delivery conditions
Product distribution is performed by Czech Post. The fee of 225,- CZK is charged throught the Europe and the fee of 250,- CZK  is charged outside the Europe. 


Claim and guarantee period
Common guarantee period of 24 months of all products is provided . Guarantee covers all defects with the exception of defects causes by common wearing and incorrect usisng(e.g.- disk scratching and so on). Buyer has a right (under 367/2000 Sb.) to withdraw from contract in 14 days since taking over the goods.


Returned goods is not allowed to be damaged, used and must be complete (disk, case, sleeve-note). In return mail order has to be at least copy of invoice. Money will be transmit on your account.

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